Nail Care

Take care of your nails with our wonderful array of services specifically created for stunning nails. Whether you are looking for something simple, elegant, or creative, we have plenty of options and absolutely love helping our customers
look and feel beautiful!


*All spa manicure treatments include cleansing, shaping, cuticle care, nourishing, massage, and regular polish.

  • Regular Manicure
  • French Manicure
  • Buffing & Shine Manicure
  • Color Gel Manicure
  • Color Gel French Manicure
  • Polish Change
  • Kid Manicure
  • Nail Design 2
  • Paraffin w.5min Massage
  • Power Gel
  • Power Gel French
  • Spa Manicure


  • Regular Pedicure
  • French Pedicure
  • Color Gel Pedicure
  • Color Gel French Pedicure
  • Polish Change
  • Kid Pedicure
  • Callus Eliminator
  • Paraffin w.5min Massage

Spa Pedicure

  • Lemon Spa
  • Green Tea Spa
  • Blueberry Spa
  • Pomegranate Spa
  • Organic Spa


  • SNS Tips
  • SNS Tips w.Gel Color
  • SNS Pink & White
  • UV Gel Full Set
  • UV Gel Fill In
  • UV Gel Pink & White
  • UV Gel Pink & White Fill In
  • Nail Repair 1
  • Nail Take Off
  • Polish Change

Facials and Massage

Take some time off from all of the daily stresses and relax with one of our facial services. We are dedicated to ensuring that your experience is refreshing, invigorating, and completely relaxing. Your face will look and feel better than ever before and you’ll definitely be eager to come in again. Facials are one of our most relaxing services!


  • Mini Facial
  • Deep Cleaning Facial
  • G.M. Algomask Facial
  • G.M. Hydrate & Lifting Facial
  • G.M. Vitamin C Antioxidant

Facial (C Sea Spa)

  • G.M. Purrance Oxygen Facial
  • G.M. Collagen 90-II
  • Anti Aging Facial
  • Botinol Treatment


  • Back & Body Work & Foot Relaxology
    • 10 min
    • 20 min
    • 30 min
    • 60 min (for 1)
    • 60 min (for 2)
    • 90 min

Waxing and Others

Whether you’re preparing for summer, need a quick eyebrow waxing, or want to get rid of that unwanted leg hair so you can avoid shaving for a while, our waxing services are tailored specifically to your needs. We offer facial waxing and body waxing—everything from your upper lip to your stomach and legs. Waxing is a quick, relaxing process that leaves you with the results you want! So get rid of those razors and try our waxing services today! You won’t regret it.


  • Eyebrow
  • Chin
  • Lip
  • Face 2 Sides
  • Under Arm
  • Stomach
  • Half Arm
  • Full Arm
  • Lower Leg
  • Upper Leg
  • Full Leg
  • Bikini
  • Brazilian
  • Full Back
  • Chest


  • Ear Candling
  • Eyelash Extension
    • Full Set natural
  • Eyelash Fill In

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